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Consignment Information

Gabriel's Guitars offers consignment opportunities for individuals and fellow artisans to assist them with selling their instruments and/or music accessories. We are able to sell instruments in our retail storefront and online through various sales opportunities.

Consigned merchandise, while in our care, is kept in temperature and humidity controlled conditions, is fully insured against damage and theft, and is displayed with an array of security measures in place. Merchandise sold online is professionally packaged for safe transit by our staff who are expertly trained. Merchandise is fully insured during transit.

It is our goal to provide confidence for both buyer and seller.


As a retail store that focuses on Guitar Repair, our customers trust us to provide instruments that are in optimal playing condition, and and in generally good condition overall. Especially when selling online, a buyer is far more confident in making a purchase of an instrument when they know what they are going to get--and that what they are going to get is a well-playing instrument. As such, we insist that all instruments which we consign either be in optimal condition, or be made to be in optimal condition by us prior to sale.

Please feel free to view a copy of our consignment agreement below, and if you would like to discuss consignment with a member of the Gabriel's Guitars Staff, please give us a call to schedule a consultation.

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